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Insight School of Kansas (ISKS) offers robust special education services to support students and meet their needs, empowering them to thrive in school and beyond. With high-quality, personalized learning and the help of teachers and support staff, students with special needs can achieve their academic goals, find their confidence, and pave a path to success.

As part of the enrollment process all parents provide home language survey answers to indicate if a child speaks another language or first learned another language to determine if the student needs to receive English language services and supports.

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Additionally, if any parent/guardian has a disability or other limitation that would impact their ability to participate fully in their child’s educational planning process, ISKS/KSVA would be happy to discuss accommodations that may be available in order to maximize the parent/guardian’s participation. Individuals seeking to discuss accommodations for this reason may contact their student’s Principal.

Section 504 is a part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that prohibits discrimination based upon disability. Section 504 is an anti-discrimination, civil rights statute that requires the needs of students with disabilities to be met as adequately as the needs of the non-disabled are met.

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The McKinney-Vento Act of 1987, or P.L. 100-77, ensures that each child of a homeless individual, and each homeless youth shall have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education as provided to other children and youth. Under the Act, schools are prohibited from delaying a homeless child’s entry into school due to delays in obtaining school records. Rules regarding guardianship must be waived for homeless students living with foster Learning Coaches or relatives other than their legal guardians. Insight/KSVA can offer school supplies to qualifying homeless youth. Determinations of qualifying students are made on a case-by-case basis. Learning Coaches may review the Insight/KSVA Admission of Homeless Children and Youth policy or touch base regarding their student in the foster care system by calling the school’s Family Resource Coordinator, Elicia Harrison, at 913.592.4600, ext. 3022.

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Elicia Harrison

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