About Our School

Letter from our Head of School

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for your interest in Insight School of Kansas (ISKS). Our school serves students in grades 7–12 across Kansas, and our program has a strong network of teachers, advisors, counselors, and administrators dedicated to helping students reach their academic goals.

Here at ISKS, we recognize that academic goals may differ for everyone. We support students in their academic journey, at whichever point they are. While we have many Advanced Placement® classes and consistently graduate Kansas scholars every year, we also work with students who may be behind in credits and help get them back on track for graduation. Our dedicated staff and advising team work to support students in whatever their journey might be, and we have many programs in place to help students meet their goals.

ISKS offers a fresh start with a different model that can set up your student for success. Our approach is not to judge students or families but to help them in ways that work.

We are an online school—but what does that mean? For most students, it means they will now go to school from the safety of home, where they can focus on their studies without distractions and peer pressure, but with the help of excellent state-certified teachers, caring counselors, and a parent or other adult Learning Coach to provide support. Daily structure and lessons are provided through a stimulating online school environment, where classes can meet and learning progress can truly happen.

In today’s world, it has never been more important for students to finish high school. High school dropouts have an unemployment rate 50% higher than high school graduates. And once a student succeeds in completing high school, they can consider moving on to other postsecondary schooling options: from community college to vocational programs to a four-year college.


Cassie Barton headshot

Cassie Barton

Head of School